Carla drunkenly spirals out of control

*Hour-long episode*

A clearly troubled Carla orders Eva to go shopping with her and clearly on a mission to get drunk, Carla flirts outrageously with Tim as Eva watches, helpless. As Michelle announces that the factory will be closed until further notice, a drunken Carla insults Beth, Sean and Julie until she’s manhandled out of the pub. As she staggers down the street, Peter comes to her aid, but she refuses to let him into her flat unless he brings a bottle of vodka. As they both get drunk, Peter tells her how much he loves her and Carla relents until Rob storms in and throws Peter out.

Lloyd’s bewildered when Andrea refuses to pull a sickie to spend time with him. She later ignores Lloyd’s texts and when he leaves a message on her landline she deletes it. Lloyd’s confused until he receives a text from Andrea apologising with kisses. He tells Jenna he wants Andrea to move in, but he can’t work out why she is so distant.

Anna tells Gary she’s kicked Owen out, but doesn’t know how to break the news to Faye and instead tells Owen that she’s changed her mind and he should move back in for Faye’s sake.

Also, Gail receives a letter from Michael in prison; and Todd smarms his way round Marcus and gets him to lend him £20 to buy Eileen a present.