Liam is jealous when he finds out that Carla spent the night at Tony’s and he struggles to contain his uneasiness when Carla refers to Tony as ‘her man’. But things take a surprising turn when a mysterious woman (Footballers’ Wives star Susie Amy) storms into the factory and slaps Carla.

She claims that Tony is her husband and she warns Carla to stay away! The woman leaves the factory and a stunned Carla orders Liam to follow her and find out what is going on. Meanwhile, Maria admits to Audrey that she’s pregnant!

John is relieved that he and Rosie narrowly avoided being found out at the weekend but Rosie seems to be enjoying the danger. Rosie nonchalantly hands in an incomplete essay to John and tells him that she was too busy to finish it. John has no choice but to let it slide.

Violet and Sean and pleased that they are reconciled and Violet tells Sean that she and Jamie are hoping to move into Michelle’s flat together. Sean wants to keep in Violet’s good books as well as making sure the baby will be close by and he decides to pay for the deposit.

*Second episode*

Carla confronts Tony about his ex-wife Lindsey’s accusations that he’s a veteran womaniser. Tony insists that his ex has lost it and not to listen to a word she says. Meanwhile, Liam is over at the Rovers with Maria and he’s preoccupied with worries about Carla. Maria is impatient as she tries to get a word in edgewise to tell him her big news.

Sean is disappointed when Jamie rejects his offer to help pay for the deposit on the flat and Jamie tells Sean that he and Violet don’t need charity. Violet, however, is keen to move into the flat as soon as possible and she tells Sean that she’ll consider his offer, but they’ll have to keep it quiet from Jamie.

Violet is surprised when she gets a visit from her sister Lauren, who has just returned from Ibiza. Violet walks in to the Rovers to find Lauren entertaining all the local men with tales of her party lifestyle and Lauren is equally shocked when she sees that Violet is pregnant!

Also, Rosie bribes John into giving her a good mark on her essay; Ryan is on his way to becoming a computer gaming champion.