Carla gives up on Peter

Peter starts the day in a positive mood, he vows to Carla he’ll smooth things over with Leanne in order to spend some time with Simon. But when Leanne and Nick refuse Peter’s request, not wanting to upset Simon’s routine, it’s not long before a disconsolate Peter reaches for the bottle.

Meanwhile, when Rob arrives at the factory telling Carla about the business qualifications he undertook while inside, she relents and gives him a job at the factory on a trial basis. But later with Carla out of the office he oversteps the mark with a client, losing Underworld a vital order and infuriating his sister. Carla returns home in a foul mood and when she finds Peter drunk she finally cracks and calls time on their relationship.

Anna receives a call from Brian, Faye’s headmaster, informing her Faye’s been skiving. Anna later catches Faye on her laptop looking at a page ridiculing her for being adopted, written by school friend Lindsay. Anna decides to report the bullying.

Beth barges her way into the house accusing Tracy of stealing her lipstick and threatens to punch her. Emily begins to regret her decision.

Also, Tyrone and Kirsty return from the Lakes all loved up.