Peter’s furious to realise Carla’s gone behind his back and bought Leanne’s share of the bookies. Carla insists she’s done him a favour, but Peter’s seething. As Nick and Leanne gloat over Carla’s cheque, Rob takes great relish in winding Peter up, lecturing Carla on how to turn the bookies around and increase profits. Realising Rob’s potential, Carla has a shock proposition leaving Peter furious.

Izzy’s bemused when Tommy suggests she keep an eye on Gary. She quizzes Gary, wanting to know what Tommy meant, but Gary plays it down and tells her how he bought Tina’s dad’s wedding ring back from a pawn shop and Tommy’s just jealous. Izzy’s appeased, but when Anna discovers the receipt she’s horrified to see Gary lied about how much he spent and starts to wonder if there was some truth in Tommy’s warning.

Chesney is gutted when he finds out the truth about Katy and Ryan’s reunion.

Also, Anna visits Faye at Tim’s flat and finds her home alone!