In the Bistro kitchen, Tracy eyes the kitchen knives as Robert tells Carla he regrets their night together. Suddenly Jamie and Lee break in, and pin Carla to the floor. Scared witless, Tracy quietly leaves, forgetting her phone in the process. With a till devoid of cash, Jamie and Lee grab Carla’s bag and do a runner. As Jamie and Lee jump into their car, Carla’s dragged down the street by the moving vehicle.

Pat Phelan positions himself in front of the oncoming car, but realising it’s not going to stop, Kevin drags him out of the way, while Robert rushes to Carla’s lifeless body.

Sally’s appalled to realise Kevin and Anna are an item and orders them to follow her to the ginnel where Craig and Sophie stand protectively in front of Maddie’s mural. With Sally adamant the mural is staying, the council worker grudgingly admits she can appeal. Meanwhile, Anna’s horrified to see Phelan back on the street, working for Kevin.

Gail asks Jason to give her a quote for underfloor heating in the annexe.