Carla and Michelle hide their giggles as Sally gives them a tour of her home

Carla and Michelle enjoy making fun of Sally but she’s furious when Tim tells her they’re winding her up

Having proudly cleaned her house from top to bottom, Sally excitedly boasts that she has four viewings today and one of them is Carla Connor. Carla and Michelle can barely keep a straight face as Sally gives them a guided tour and Tim is upset when he overhears them talking about the wind up in the Rovers – will he tell Sally the truth?

After the Mill accident Tim finds out the truth about Phelan’s part in the Calcutta Street scam and decides Eileen needs to know what went on. But will Phelan get to him before he can warn Eileen?

A heartbroken Sophie sells her window cleaning van to Aidan and confides in him that she is in need of a change of career.

Over lunch, Sean and Gemma are surprised when Tyrone lets Fiz believe that Ruby’s behaviour has improved. Later, Tyrone feels a pang of jealousy when Gemma and Ches share a joke. Mary is concerned when Jude asks to borrow money to buy Angie’s birthday present. Robert is surprised about Zeedan’s attitude towards Kate and Rana.

First episode of the evening.