Carla Connor confronts Robert in the Bistro and he confirms he is still talking steroids. When Michelle sees Carla in the street she has another go at her about Ali but Carla stuns her with the news that Robert is taking steroids.

 Zeedan is furious that Alya has blown apart his and Rana’s sham marriage. Meanwhile, Alya tells Kate she needs to find somewhere else to live. Rana’s mother calls at number 6 and says she has to go to Pakistan to be with her dying sister but Rana’s father won’t go with her as he is so angry about what has happened. In a bid to try win her mum round Rana offers to go with her.

Nicola calls round and Eileen breaks down, insisting she knew nothing about what Phelan was up to. Nicola says she believes her and would like her to be a part of the baby’s life.

Daniel plans a press campaign to try and secure Anna’s release from prison.