Carla overdoses! (VIDEO)

As the police visit Carla asking questions about her relationship with Frank it’s clear she needs to talk to Leanne. She lays herself bare to Leanne, begging her to see that by lying over the crash Frank was in control. Leanne refuses to confirm what she intends to do with the truth. Back at home Carla hits the bottle and picks up the sleeping pills Dr Carter prescribed. When Peter‘s phone rings it’s Leanne who answers as Carla slurs goodbye. Peter dials 999 before racing round to the flat where he finds the paramedics with Carla’s unconscious body.

When Bill and Pam visit, revealing they’re engaged, they pick up on the tension between Kevin and Tyrone. Pam’s appalled that Kevin wants to change Jack’s name, claiming it’s not what Molly would have wanted. At the Websters Pam’s shocked to find Sally looking after Jack. As she lays into Sally, calling her a mug for letting Kevin walk over her it’s clear she’s hit a nerve.

With Gary’s reassurance, Anna embarks on a relationship with Owen. But explaining she wants to tell Faye first she asks Owen to keep quiet for now.

Also, Tracy senses Steve is warming to a future with the baby as he tries to distract himself from Jim’s impending trial.