With Rob now staying at the flat with Carla and Peter, Carla takes it upon herself to play cupid and match-make Tina and Rob. She invites Tina to join her (and also, secretly, Rob) for dinner at the Bistro, but Peter’s disturbed by the prospect and decides to tag along. Tina struggles to make small talk with Rob when her feelings are still so strong for Peter.

Anna’s cautious as Owen gets excited about the mill project and it seems she may be right to be wary of Phelan. The funds have not been transferred into the business account yet and Phelan is nowhere to be seen – even his wife Valerie claims to have no idea of his whereabouts. Owen is worried he’s made a big mistake in getting involved with Phelan.

Lloyd is excited about his date with Andrea, but Andrea’s secretly pleased to hear from Lloyd that Steve tried to put him off her.

Also, Gloria makes digs at Rita during a meeting with Dennis and Ritchie. Angry Rita leaves in a huff.