Rob spends his stag night with Carla where she quizzes him about the night of Tina’s murder. Irritated, Rob claims he and Tracy left their engagement party, returned home and had sex on the sofa. Nipping out, Carla corners Tracy in the Rovers and questions her. But when Tracy tells her she and Rob went back to No 1 and headed straight upstairs, Carla realises their stories don’t match. Returning home Carla tells a horrified Rob she now has the proof that Peter didn’t kill Tina!

Kylie secretly phones the hospital and is relieved to hear that Gemma has been discharged. As David goes to read Max a story, she flushes her last wrap of speed down the sink, determined to be a better mother and wife.

Gary promises they’ll take things slowly as he and Alya enjoy a romantic walk, clearly smitten with each other.

Michael’s worried when he receives a letter from the hospital asking him to attend an appointment with the heart consultant; when Sinead finds Cilla doubled up with pain she begs her to tell the family about her illness, but Cilla refuses.