Carla realises that Tina’s killer is still at large

Carla visits Peter in hospital and is shocked at the state of him. But when Peter assures Carla that he knows she killed Tina, and will take her secret to the grave and accept the blame himself, Carla’s stunned. Confiding in Michelle, Carla realises that if Peter didn’t kill Tina then her murderer is still at large…

It’s the day of Max’s classroom assessment, but when the headteacher summons Kylie and David to school, explaining that Max vandalised school property, Kylie’s mortified. Her feelings of guilt are then compounded when she realises that in all the stress she’s forgotten it’s Max’s birthday tomorrow!

Having considered Tony’s latest offer, Fiz tells Tyrone it isn’t enough and they should push Tony for more. Meanwhile, Tyrone’s confused when he sees Jason putting all the new flooring from the loft in a skip.

Accusing Tracy of insensitivity, Ken says that while Peter’s life is hanging by a thread she should cancel the wedding; Steve decides to visit Jim in prison and hear what he’s got to say.