Tony and his mates meet up for the stag do to get into teams for the paintballing, but Liam is distracted. Liam secretly contacts Carla and arranges to meet her in the Rovers backyard. Carla is distressed when Liam tries to persuade her to call off the wedding, but she can’t bring herself to do it. Carla’s mind is in turmoil as she cracks open the bubbly for her hen night with the girls. She knows she wants Liam, but she is terrified of the consequences of breaking up with Tony.

Sophie is disappointed that her dad is so preoccupied with Rosie’s disappearance that he has forgotten her swimming competition. But Kevin is soon reminded he has two daughters when another postcard arrives with the message, ‘Sophie’s next’…

Becky is collared by DC Hooch who wants times and dates of when she was with Steve. Becky manages to get Steve to make sure that their stories match. Steve is rattled when Hooch turns up to ask him more questions as he’s about to set off on the stag do.

Also, Tina is delighted when Rita offers her a job at the Kabin helping out while Norris recovers from his accident.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Carla and her hens arrive at the restaurant for a low-key celebration and Leanne grows increasingly worried about Carla’s state of mind when she gets into a row with Michelle over her late hubby Paul. Leanne follows an upset Carla to the ladies and is stunned when Carla confesses that she is in love with Liam. Meanwhile, Tony is getting increasingly wound up at the paintballing as he correctly guesses that Liam’s preoccupation is to do with Carla.

Kevin is in a panic after getting the threatening note about Sophie and drives to the swimming pool to pick up his daughter after the competition. Kevin is fearful when Sophie isn’t there, but he is relieved on his return to the street to discover that John and Fiz gave her a lift back home with Chesney.

Steve’s enjoyment of the stag do is hampered by DC Hooch, who tells him he knows he is lying to try and protect Becky. Steve is nervous when Hooch warns him that he will uncover the truth eventually.

Also, Rita asks Emily to break the news to Norris that she’s employed Tina at the Kabin; Dan donates all Leanne’s remaining clothes to Emily for her charity collection!