Carla reveals Johnny’s secret

Carla drops the bombshell that Johnny’s her Dad. Staring at Johnny in disbelief, Kate and Aidan are appalled to discover Johnny always suspected Carla was his daughter, but kept it a secret for all these years. When Liz inadvertently lets slip that Johnny’s wife died after she found out about his affair and stepped in front of a car, Kate and Aidan are horrified.

Desperately upset, Cathy orders Nessa out of her house. Cathy’s hurt to realise that Roy knew of the affair and was helping Nessa to retrieve the letters. Roy apologises profusely but Cathy asks him to leave. Meanwhile when Nessa grumbles to Ken about the way Cathy treated her, Ken’s appalled by her selfishness.

Erica drags Anna off to the singles night whilst Kevin suffers an evening watching a DVD with Joanne. When Kevin later finds Anna in the kebab shop he offers to walk her home.

Grabbing Carla by the arm, Robert suggests Carla should lose the attitude as he could make life very difficult for her. Norris and Rita voice their concerns to Mary about her affair with Brendan.