Carla’s awkward around Robert

Carla and Aidan refuse to talk to Johnny as Nick insists that he, Carla and Robert sit down to discuss wedding menus. At home Cathy gathers up Alan and Nessa’s love letters and dropping them in the bin, sets fire to them. Taking Carla’s words on board, Roy sets off for Cathy’s house, with Nessa in pursuit. Meanwhile, the fire has taken hold of the house and Cathy struggles to breathe!

Having discovered some graffiti on the garage wall, Kevin phones the council. But when Tim and Sally lead Sophie and Kevin to the ginnel and find the blank wall where Maddie’s mural used to be. Kevin blames himself, realising the council must have cleaned it off. Meanwhile, Sophie clocks the chemistry between Kevin and Anna.

When Brendan calls for Mary, Norris gives him a flea in his ear and tells Mary she’s making a terrible mistake.

Tyrone confides in Kevin that they’ve got a date for Hope’s operation but he’s fallen behind on his loan repayments.