The hens hit a club in town. In high spirits, Gail and Kate wrestle over the DJ’s microphone, each wanting to say a few words about Carla. In the scuffle, they damage the DJ’s equipment and club manager storms over.

Meanwhile, Nick’s stag do kicks off in the Rovers, but when David finds Nick alone clutching his head, he admits he lied and his brain injury symptoms are worse than ever. He’s unable to control his temper and frightened he could hurt Carla. Reaching a decision, Nick announces that the stag do is cancelled and the wedding is off.

Sally’s gutted when Jenny works out Tim’s surprise mini break is in Blackpool, but the factory girls rib her by sticking pictures of Blackpool to her machine. Later, Johnny finds Jenny crying over the pictures, explaining how the last time she went there it was to identify her dad’s body.

Cathy’s impressed when Roy studies some computer game crib sheets on the internet to impress Alex and Sinead offers to help him on the Xbox. Caitlin tells Craig that she’s moving to Dundee.