A wily Carla tells Leanne that she’s set up a meeting with a financial advisor, then she gives the businessman from the fancy bar a call and invites him to the Rovers. Leanne is horrified when she arrives to find her former client, Frank, sitting with Carla and she realises that she’s been set up. Liam is oblivious, but Leanne begs Carla not to tell Liam and declares she’s given it all up because she loves him. Carla agrees to keep quiet – for now.

Claire and Ashley decide that they need a break after the trauma of the fire and the police investigation. Ashley can’t find anyone to cover for him at the butcher’s, but Fiz spots an opportunity for Kirk and suggests that Ashley gives him a trial.

Violet has her date with new guy Tam and they have a great time and she ends up back at his at the end of the evening. They’re soon getting passionate, but Violet gets cold feet and makes her excuses, leaving a fed-up Tam. Violet finds herself in a strange area of town in the middle of the night and has to call Jamie to collect her.