Maria‘s convinced herself she’s not fit to be a mother and hands baby Liam over to Helen. She simply can’t forgive herself for inviting a murderer into her home. Desperate to help the Connors suggest she move to Ireland with them. At first Maria refuses but when Audrey urges her to pull herself together she agrees. Helen’s relieved as Maria takes baby Liam back in her arms but their relief is short-lived when a visitor arrives at the door – it’s Carla

Audrey‘s shocked to see a for sale board outside No.8 and even further shocked when Gail reveals she and Joe are engaged. Audrey warns her she’s making a mistake but Gail’s truly happy and adamant she knows what she’s doing. But Gail has no idea what she’s got herself into and when Rick turns up masquerading as a potential buyer Joe panics.

Sally tells Kevin that she wants to go over the garage account books but he panics, worried she’ll spot his motel expenses and the lack of breakdown call-outs. He knows she will find out about Molly and looks for a way out.

Also: Dev tries his luck, and asks his golf instructor, Bernie, out for a drink.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Pollard tells Carla that Tony has confessed to Liam’s murder, while Carla feigns ignorance. Desperate to cover her own back, and still believing she murdered Jimmy, Carla tells Maria the reason she left Weatherfield was because she was still in love with Liam and couldn’t live a lie with Tony. Maria buys it, but the police aren’t so sure and as they question Carla about the last time she saw Tony she’s forced to lie.

Sally‘s furious as the garage books seem to show profits are down and list all sorts of miscellaneous expense claims. Tyrone can’t make sense of it either, and as Kevin and Molly meet in the motel for sex, Kevin receives a message on his phone saying he has a lot of explaining to do. Heading back to the street Kevin and Molly fear the worst.

Dev’s smug as he takes Bernie for a drink in the Rovers. But when Steve realises that like him, Dev is also having secret golf lessons. Steve makes Bernie promise not to say anything to Dev but she is torn.

Also, Audrey receives an invitation to the Weatherfield Council Christmas Party, but she wonders who she can ask to accompany her.

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