Carla takes Nick down!

Carla‘s furious when the staff confess they’ve been working for Nick and she conspires with Leanne to get revenge on him. He defends ‘his’ girls and the way he’s done business but Carla resolves to contact her solicitor. Nick calls her bluff but it’s clear he’s nervous. Leanne’s also shocked by Nick’s deceit and Peter’s quick to give Carla all the help she needs with getting Turners shut down. Carla does her worst and Nick’s left shell-shocked.

Michelle leads Ciaran a merry dance after he’s pulled out all the stops to impress her by cooking a meal at her house. She’s clearly made an effort too and the night goes well. He’s convinced his charm has worked, but he doesn’t get the reaction he expected when he leans in for a kiss.

Lloyd’s relieved when Cheryl returns safe and sound from her chat with Chris. She reveals Chris was full of apologies, but asks if she can stay with him a while longer as she needs space to think. Lloyd can’t help but wonder if she will go back to her husband.

Also; Deirdre working at the bookies and flirts with Lewis as he reveals an interest in the business; Mary takes over Hayley’s wedding plans.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Steve and Becky see the Windasses with a baby and they begin to worry they’ve been allocated a child before them. Eddie leads them to believe they’ve been fast-tracked and Becky’s gutted as Steve calls the social worker.

Leanne blasts Nick for hiding the that fact he was duping Carla. Nick explains that he and the girls needed jobs and he did all the legwork while Carla abandoned him. Leanne agrees to speak to George and dodging Simon’s birthday party she comes through for Nick. As he thanks her with a cosy champagne toast Leanne’s uncomfortable with her deception. But it seems that she’s also struggling with her feelings for him. Meanwhile, Carla kicks herself for taking her eye off the ball. Determined to not let Nick win she sets about rebuilding Underworld.

Deirdre celebrates her birthday and she’s emotional as it’s the first one without her mum, but Lewis soon cheers her up. When he reveals his dreams of seeing out his days in the sun, like Blanche, Audrey’s swept along.

Also; Graeme casually tells Tina that he loves her but when she doesn’t reciprocate he starts to panic; Michelle plays mind games with Ciaran.

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