Cathy and Alex offer to clean up the mess, but Roy shouts at them that it’s obvious their living arrangement isn’t working. Carla finds Roy on Maxine’s bench and when he tells her about his spat with Cathy, she persuades him to make amends. But when he returns home Cathy and Alex have packed their bags and are about to leave. Roy apologises for his earlier outburst and Cathy forgives him.

As the mourners gather round Tony’s graveside, Phelan leads Jason away to calm him down. But Todd’s annoyed when Eileen and Jason have a heart to heart by Tony’s grave and Phelan assures Jason that with his dad gone, he can always look to him for support.

While Gail makes preparations for Carla’s party, Sarah confides in Kylie that she can’t bear to be in the same house as Callum’s body. But Gail gets the wrong end of the stick and thinks Sarah has a new boyfriend.

Billy clams up when Todd quizzes him about the young lad he gave the cash to. Chesney Skypes Sinead and suggests they have a romantic meal on Friday via video link. Craig tells Sinead his dinner date was a disaster.