Leanne refuses to give Carla a straight answer when she demands to know whether she slept with Paul and a furious Carla vows to make her own enquiries. Carla calls Leanne’s escort agency and pretends to be her and asks them to ring Paul and tell him that he has her bracelet. Carla has Paul trapped and he tries desperately to worm his way out of the situation, but Carla tells him their marriage is over.

Liz gets a shock at the licensee’s lunch with Vernon when they bump into Derek and his wife Linda. Liz is mortified, but Derek seems to enjoy the danger and plays footsie with her while Vernon and Linda are both at the table. Meanwhile, Liz has to endure Linda detailing all of Derek’s shortcomings and assuring her that she’s very lucky to have a man like Vernon.

Jamie tells Sean that Violet had a disastrous date with Tam and a worried Sean confronts Violet. Sean is shocked when Violet blurts out that she only went on a date to try to get pregnant!

Also, Kirk asks Chesney to spy on Fiz and find out who her new fella is.