Carla turns on the charm with Daniel in the hope of forgetting her troubles…

Smitten Daniel is thrilled when Carla learns in for a kiss

Carla is nervous knowing that Aidan and Kate are going for their initial tests to see if they can be a donor. Bored, Peter watches as she invites herself back to Daniel’s flat after hearing that Sinead knocked him back. Once inside she is flirtatious and a smitten Daniel gets more than he bargained for!

Robert follows Zeedan into No.6 and apologises for failing to tell him about Rana’s affair. Zeedan pulls out a bottle of whisky and grimacing, knocks back a glass, on a mission to drown his sorrows.

Gina insists she can fix a flat tyre on Sally’s car so Rosie and Sophie open up the garage for her but when Sally finds Gina booking a woman’s car in for an MOT she realises that Gina has not been taking her medication.

Amy tells Steve and Tracy she is going to the cinema but heads off to a party with her friend instead. Beth persuades Sinead to give Daniel another chance. Tyrone, Shona, David, Maria, Gemma, Jude, Angie and Sophie meet Josh to find out who they will be fighting in the boxing match.

[First episode tonight]