Liam and Maria return to Weatherfield after their break and they are all loved up. Liam gets down on one knee and ‘proposes’ to Maria, giving back the wedding ring she removed when they split. The couple agree to try for another baby but when Liam tells Carla his happy news, she is gutted and she tells him she wants him out of the factory, and out of her life.

Steve is eager to please Michelle to ease his guilty conscience and when she again suggests he apologises to Dan and Harry, he feels obliged to agree. Steve asks Harry to talk to Dan again about dropping the false assault charges and he agrees to have a go.

Becky is feeling down and Lloyd offers to take her out for a drink to cheer her up. Lloyd suggests that they go to the Weathy Arms to keep out of Steve and Michelle’s way, but Becky is determined to go to the Rovers as normal. When they arrive, Becky feels hemmed in by Steve, Michelle and Jason and feels uncomfortable.

Also, Mel refuses to trust Teresa’s motives for moving in; Roger and Ken bond over their mutual love of literature.