Carla winds up Maria in style

Maria continues to make preparations for the wedding and pops into the factory to tell Liam about the flowers. Maria is angry when Carla interrupts to tell Liam all about the plush bar at the hotel they’ll be staying in on the business trip. Carla clearly enjoys winding up Maria, who starts to feel really paranoid.

Michelle has left it up to Ryan to decide whether he wants to meet up with his biological parents. Ryan finally blurts out that he doesn’t want anything to do with Nick and Wendy and Michelle is relieved. Steve wonders if Michelle wants to see her biological son Alex and Michelle admits that she’s curious, but she doesn’t want to hurt Ryan.

David tells Tina that she is the only girl that he’s ever been able to connect with. Tina decides that it’s time that they took the relationship further and they plot to find a place and a time. The teenagers are chuffed when Gail offers to let them have the house to themselves on Friday.

Also, Darryl is smitten with Lauren, but she plays it cool; Kelly wants in on Vicki’s knicker parties.