Carla’s back!

Carla returns to Weatherfield and time starts to run out for Tony!

Liam’s christening has arrived and after a difficult start to the day an uneasy truce is called between the Connors and Maria and Tony. Helen is touched when Maria dresses Liam in the family christening gown. As the family settle down for lunch Tony proposes a toast but is interrupted by a phone call. Clearly unsettled by the call Tony tells Maria and the Connors that he has to go to an emergency meeting but assures them he’ll be back in time to leave for the christening. Leaving the house Tony heads straight for the cemetery and Liam’s grave where Carla is waiting for him.

Luke is also keeping secrets as he furtively packs a bag. An unsupecting Rosie heads off to Underworld with him full of ideas about the changes she will make now that she is the majority shareholder – Luke strings her along whilst secretly deleting his computer files and planning his escape.

Also; Pam has been debt collecting for Bill but he’s less than impressed when she returns with a boat from one customer in lieu of a payment. Hoever, Joe is quite taken with it.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Tony is stunned and can’t fully take in Carla’s threatening demeanor at the graveside. It’s clear she’s there for a reason and Tony is starting to really worry. She calmly tells Tony that he’s overstepped the mark by setting up home with Maria and the baby. He has to end it now, sell her his shares in Underworld and leave Weatherfield for good – or she will tell the police everything. Tony panics and assures her that he loves Maria, but this cuts no ice with Carla and she makes it clear she means every word she has said.

Maria and the Connors are enjoying their pre christening lunch back on the street, oblivious to the drama unfolding at the cemetery.

Carla’s return has also had a knock on effect at Underworld as it starts to become clear to Rosie that Luke has been less than honest with her. Realising he’s sold her shares that he no longer owns she tries desperately to cancel the cheque – but it’s too late. Luke has cleaned her out and disappeared without a trace!

Also; Gail is furious when Joe returns home with a boat and Emily finds out Freda has lost her job and her home.