Carla’s desperate to come clean

Maria wonders how she will get through Liam’s funeral and decides to take Ozzy with her to help her cope. Meanwhile, Carla is also struggling to deal with her grief and considers staying away from the service. Carla tells Tony that she has cancelled their wedding and wants to postpone it for a while. At the funeral, Carla breaks down and flees the church.

Dev phones Tara to apologise for his attitude towards Amber the previous evening and try and get things back on track. But Dev is despondent when Nina turns up at the shop and threatens to tell Prem about their affair if he doesn’t end his relationship with her daughter. Dev decides that he can’t take that risk and confesses to Prem before Nina gets chance to tell all. How will Prem react?

Becky goes to the police station to answer to her bail. She is cocky with DC Hooch when she realises that he is unable to charge her and she’s a free woman. Becky swans off leaving Hooch simmering with rage and vowing revenge.

Also, Blanche looks forward to her French trip, which is more than can be said for Deirdre; Sally misses Liam’s funeral when the police have new information about Rosie.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Carla’s exit from the church does not go unnoticed by the other mourners and Tony follows her outside, but Leanne has got there first. Carla tells Leanne that she wants to confess to everyone that Liam loved her, but Leanne advises her against it, saying it will hurt too many people. Later, Carla tells Tony that she needs to get away and Tony can’t believe he might still lose her despite the lengths he went to and when she leaves he trashes the office in a fury.

Sally and Kevin learn from the police that cash has been withdrawn from Rosie’s account at a cashpoint just outside Manchester. They tell them that they’re looking at CCTV footage. Sophie is convinced it must be Rosie and that she must be OK, but Sally and Kevin daren’t build up their hopes.

Dev has arrived back home after confessing to Prem and he is surprised to find Tara at the flat with Amber. Dev has a heavy heart as he tells Tara that they have to finish, but he doesn’t tell her the real reason why.

Also, Becky’s chuffed to get away with her crimes; Roy takes a call from Hayley saying she is on her way home.