Carla’s developing a suspicious mind

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Carla is snappy with Rosie when she unwittingly thwarts her attempts to speak to Maria. When Carla eventually visits Maria to make amends she is disturbed by Maria’s claims that Tony paid a heavy to run Liam over. Carla tells Leanne that she isn’t sure she knows who Tony is any more. When Tony returns from his business trip she admits that she has seen Jed and asks Tony if he knows anything about the marks around his neck.

Len gloats about David‘s injuries but Anna reprimands him, as she is worried about what is going to happen to Gary. David is pleased that Tina agreed to tell the police that Gary threw the first punch, but Tina is already feeling uneasy about the lie, especially when Gail makes it clear how comforted she is that Tina witnessed everything. Meanwhile, Gary tries to convince Len that Tina is lying about what happened. Len says he will have a ‘word’ with her.

Janice’s friends are incredulous when she tells them that she has been thinking about training as a nurse – she insists that she has changed and Vicki tells her that if it’s what she wants she should go for it.

Also, Ken spends more time with Martha.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Tony puts on a great act with Carla and denies any involvement in Jed’s injuries. He insists that he found Jed trying to commit suicide on Christmas Day and saved him and offered to re-house him out of guilt. Carla is not sure but with no evidence to the contrary has to believe Tony. Later, Tony calls Jimmy and asks him to put the frighteners on the old man, which Jimmy duly does. Carla has a creeping feeling of unease when she overhears Emily telling Rita that Jed is in hospital after suffering a suspected heart attack.

Anna begs Gail to ask Tina the truth about the fight, but Gail is insistent it was Gary. When Gail reveals Anna’s suspicions to Tina and David they immediately deny everything and Gary does himself no favours by telling Tina he knows she lied to the police, almost starting another fight with David.

Kirk and the Rovers darts team go up against the Flight Fandangos and are beaten one by one by their opponents, including Disco Dave (played by darts champion Phil Taylor). One of the visiting team recognises Eddie and reveals he scammed their team for subs money too!

Also, Sophie has a date with Ben; Janice asks Ken to tutor her.

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