Robert angrily tells Carla to have a word with her dad. But when Carla arrives at the factory with Richie in tow, she’s embarrassed to find Johnny and Aidan mid-row. Dispatching Aidan and Richie, Carla rounds on Johnny, ordering him to stay out of her personal life.

Sally tells Aidan that either he sacks Jenny or she’s resigning. Meanwhile, Sean and Beth are furious to discover someone has stolen their lunch and a tenner from Beth’s purse. As Rita and Jenny enjoy a quiet drink Sally approaches and, pointing the finger, accuses Jenny of thieving from the factory staff.  

Tyrone’s downbeat as Fiz hands him a cheap packed lunch. Later Fiz and Tyrone are touched when Luke offers to increase his rent by £50 a month.

Leanne’s delighted to see Simon smile when he’s picked for the football team. Erica forces Mary to go on a shopping trip.