As Frank asks the factory girls to plan a surprise hen do for Carla she’s making plans of her own. With her solicitor, Carla explains she’s in an awkward situation – if she splits up with fiance and partner Frank she wants to know whether he can bring her business down. But before her solicitor can advise Frank arrives home demanding to know what’s going on.

Becky‘s confused by Steve’s no-show yesterday. Feeling sorry for her Lloyd urges her to put Steve behind her and stand on her own two feet, offering her the flat above Streetcars as a starting point. Meanwhile, with the baby now his priority Steve tells Tracy she needs a place of her own. But arriving at the cab office flat he’s stunned to find Becky inside. As a row breaks out between the women Steve’s caught in the middle, and with the baby now his priority he sides with Tracy.

Angrily denying he has any doubts about adopting to Eileen, Sean readies himself to attend the meeting with Marcus.

Also, when Tommy finally admits he paid Kirsty to chat him up, Tyrone reels; an unknowing Tina boxes someone in with Rita’s car…

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Becky reels, unable to understand why Steve is siding with Tracy. Biting the bullet Steve reveals it’s because she’s carrying his child. As Steve tries to explain why he wants the baby Becky’s crushed and orders him out. But after a chat with Hayley, Becky’s steel returns. Storming round to the flat she throws Tracy out, claiming that while she’s still married to Steve it’s her flat and she’s going to bleed him dry. Arriving at the scene Steve tries to talk her round.

As Marcus celebrates after a successful adoption meeting Sean struggles to share his enthusiasm. But he can’t bear to come clean to Marcus and risk losing their relationship.

Carla feels wretched as she’s forced to play along with the surprise hen do, which includes a male stripper. Finally escaping she’s unnerved to find Frank still up with another surprise for her – luxury honeymoon tickets. Her panic rising Carla is on the brink of telling Frank she can’t got through with the wedding.

Also, Tyrone‘s date with Kirsty goes swimmingly and ends in a kiss. But when Kirsty returns to her car she’s unamused to find it boxed in. Leaving the pub Tina finds fuming Kirsty sat on Rita’s car…