Liam is bored being stuck at home with Ozzy and Maria is concerned that he is going to regret selling his share of the business. Meanwhile, Carla warns Tony that she expects him to be more than a silent partner, but she is unimpressed when she discovers he has got Rosie organising travel arrangements for him, which have nothing to do with Underworld.

The Websters and the Peacocks battle for space at number four, and with only one bathroom between them, it is becoming increasingly clear that the house-share is not going to work. Later, Claire clears out the loft at number 13 and unearths what looks like an original Lowry painting!

Michelle suspects that Steve has something to hide about his night away and decides to tackle Lloyd about it. Lloyd does his best to avoid her and Carla worries Michelle when she remarks that maybe Steve has been playing away. Michelle gives Steve the benefit of the doubt, but she is determined to get to the bottom of Lloyd’s evasiveness.

Also, Audrey suspects David of foul play when she realises her less than glowing reference for him has been changed after getting a call from his prospective employer.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Lloyd is cornered in a cab by a determined Michelle and she insists she’s not going anywhere until she finds out the truth. Lloyd realises a straight denial isn’t working, but stalls her by admitting he knows something and arranges to meet her later in the cafe.

Becky is terrified when she sees Lloyd talking to Michelle and strains to hear their conversation. Becky is relieved when Lloyd makes up a story about Steve blowing five grand in the casino. But a doubtful Michelle can’t find evidence of the debt on Steve’s credit card bill and when she talks to Steve on the phone about it, his denial is convincing. Michelle realises Steve still has something to hide.

Tony tells Carla that he has set them a target to retire five years from now and he has a master plan to enable them to do it. Tony suggests that they expand Underworld and combine their two businesses to cut down on overheads and suggests they buy up the garage and paper shop to make way for the expansion. Carla is interested in the idea, but thinks he’s moving a bit too fast.

Also, Audrey is furious that Ted doctored David’s reference; Claire wonders if the Odgens’ painting is worth any money.