Carla’s unhinged behaviour worries Tracy

Aidan and Carla head to Maddie’s Memorial Auction, where Carla gets drunk and bids £250 for a photo of Lorraine Kelly, while Aidan and Robert bid for a signed County football shirt. As a drunken Carla crashes into a table, Tracy begs her to go home while Robert demands to know why Tracy was so upset by Carla.

Tyrone and Fiz are distant with each other as they take Hope and Ruby to the hospital. The nurse assures them that they’ll have Hope’s results soon, but Fiz admits to Maria that she’s worried sick.

Andrea persuades Eileen to let her stay at No 11, while Lloyd tells Liz that Andrea knows they spent the night together. Unsure where she stands, Liz suggests dinner and Lloyd reluctantly accepts.

Sally arrives back from town with a wedding dress, explaining to Gail how she didn’t intend to buy it, but couldn’t resist. However she’s mortified when the zip jams and Kevin catches her stuck in a wedding dress.