Carl’s back in the driving seat

Carl hangs around outside the police station in a bid to catch Grace, who is still refusing to see him but their brief encounter ends in harsh words. Carl later drives to Grace’s flat to confront her and he says he wants them to sort things out. Grace admits that she engineered their first meeting in the bar to try to tap him for information on Tom’s murderer, but she’s fallen in love with him. Carl feels pleased that he’s back in control.

Lexi is curious when she hears Eli saying that he saved Debbie’s neck and she buys him a drink to find out more. Eli admits that he saved Debbie from being attacked by Bruce. Lexi admits her suspicions that Debbie has double-crossed her and Eli agrees to help her find out more.

David confides in Jasmine that nearly a third of his clients have defected to Mrs De Souza’s cleaning company and he’s later forced to give Betty the day off as he’s run out of work. Pollard is surprised to find Betty enjoying herself in the Woolpack instead of working and David lies that he gave Betty the afternoon off for a dodgy knee.

Also, Perdy returns home for good.