Dirty flirty Eve’s back and is a very happy slapper when she hears that Chas is on holiday. While the cat’s away and all that. But while she and Carl are playing Jimmy catches them at it and he’s furious; Carl’s having loads of fun and Jimmy’s getting nothing but earache, headaches and the cold shoulder from Nicola, who thinks Jimmy’s the one playing away. Enough’s enough! Jimmy tells Carl to kick Eve into touch or he’ll tell Chas everything. That wipes the smile off Eve’s face.

Moira hasn’t smiled for a long time and nothing changes when Diane hints that she needs to talk to Hannah. Before long she’s telling farmer John they have a 19-year-old daughter who’s a junkie and a 16-year-old daughter who’s had a pregnancy scare. Thank goodness Adam’s such a good lad.

Amy appears to be a bit of a treasure, too. She’s told Val and Pollard she’s a trainee nurse to get a discount rate at the B&B. She’s lying, naturally, and nearly gets found out when Pollard cuts himself. She’s manages to patch him up, but Victoria – who has made her fair share of mischief in the past – is not so easily fooled…

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