Carl is stunned when he gets back home and realises that Chas has moved out. He presents Chas with tickets to Vegas for their wedding, but she reluctantly tells him that the wedding is off. Chas almost reveals to a crushed Carl that his family have blackmailed her to keep away from him, but she thinks better of it. Later, Tom tries to keep Carl onside by offering to let him take over the business.

Len visits a still subdued Edna and is shocked to find her house lacking in any form of Christmas cheer. Len confronts Tom and blames him for his friend’s misery and isolation. A guilty Tom sends Edna an invite to his wedding in a bid to make peace.

Viv returns from visiting her family and is stunned to find out that Jean’s done a runner with TJ and the compensation money. When she discovers that the Kings’ billboard was burnt down she confronts Bob, who assures her that he’s called off the vendetta for good.