Carl’s temper scares Edna!

Carl’s temper unnerves Edna and she trips and hurts her arm. Now, who could cover for her at work…?

Uh-oh! Nasty Nathan catches Declan still pursuing a partnership with Natasha that involves business and pleasure. And Declan was supposed to drop the pleasure part of their relationship in exchange for the planning permission. Nathan is furious and fixes Declan with his best menacing look, then tells him he’s going to tell Natasha about their deal. That’s Declan’s cue to beg forgiveness but, instead, he laughs in Nathan’s face. But who will have the last laugh?

Charming Charlie isn’t laughing. He has to go back to France permanently in a few weeks and Val insists that he tells Diane sooner rather than later. How will he break the bad news? He’s one for grand gestures so it could be with the words ‘Au revoir, Diane’ written on a banner trailed through the sky by a plane. Or maybe he’ll keep it simple. Either way, it’s going to hurt…

Also hurting are sensitive Sam and brittle Edna. Sam gets that puzzled look on his face when Natasha snaps at him for preparing to clear the woods as Declan instructed. Well, he doesn’t know bigamist Mark is buried there!

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