Carly opens a letter from a travel agent on the morning of Kevin’s funeral. Carly tells Denise that it’s the round-the-world tickets that Kevin bought for him and Deano. The coffin arrives in the Square just as Deano turns up with a prison escort, but the funeral is delayed when the hearse breaks down. Carly makes a heartfelt speech about her dad Kevin and she announces that she and Denise are going to go on the round-the-world trip. Deano is stunned.

Bradley prepares to leave Walford with mum Rachel. Stacey sees him walking through the Square and she tells him she wants to talk. Stacey attempts to get Bradley to stay, but he tells her that there’s nothing left for him in the Square. Bradley says his goodbyes to the family and leaves – but not with Rachel – he’s going it alone.

Jack asks Ronnie to have a working lunch with him at the club and she’s enjoying the chase. Ronnie goes through the accounts and pulls Jack up on a receipt for a mystery lavish lunch. Jack reveals that he’s bought lunch for her and Ronnie is impressed, but she warns him to stop playing games.

Also, Jack tells Phil that he knows where Louise is living.

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