Carly is determined to convince Chelsea that Sean is a cheat and she hatches a plan to catch out Sean by secretly calling Chelsea’s mobile so that Chelsea will overhear her talking to him. But a wily Sean realises what Carly is up to and doesn’t give anything away. Later, Sean confronts Carly and tells her that she’s irresistible. Carly can’t help herself and responds to his passionate kiss.

Stacey is desperate to see Max and when Bradley reveals that he’s going to go round to the Brannings to prepare for the family’s return, Stacey offers to help. But Stacey is left stunned when an upset Bradley confides that Max phoned again and revealed that he’s put off his return and is planning to make a home in Spain with Tanya and the girls.

Darren decides to sleep rough in the Square as a last resort in his bid to stay in Walford. Kevin finds out what’s going on and tells Keith that he should reconsider forcing Darren to leave but Keith is unhappy about being told how to look after his own child.

Also, Dot plans George’s Christening but is stumped when the vicar asks for his birth certificate.

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