When Pat shows Carly the company credit card statement confirming Kevin has bought travel tickets, she flies into a rage. She ransacks and trashes the Portacabin and then goes off to ask her estranged mum Shirley out for a drink later that night. Shirley is delighted by her daughter’s change of heart and sets about swapping her shift.

Denise thinks her own daughter has had a change of heart when it comes to work, when she hears Chelsea was at the salon nice and early. But a later chat with Tanya reveals she knows nothing about this new conscientious Chelsea. Denise realises her daughter has been seeing Sean and goes to warn Sean off. However, Sean spitefully tells her she’s just jealous because if Kevin really cared, he’d have been in touch by now. Stung by his cruel words, Denise goes home and packs all Kevin’s belongings into bin bags for the rubbish men to take.

Elsewhere, Mo believes Tanya tipped off Customs & Excise and vows her revenge; and May tells Jane and Tanya to go easy on Dawn.

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