Carly has to sleep in her van

So Brenda got her way and Carly is no longer welcome at her dad’s. She’s grateful to see the back of her stepdaughter – but also feels a bit guilty about the situation. Carly, meanwhile, has spent the night in her van. Deep down she wants to make things right with Bob and when a run in leads to a heart-to-heart with Leyla, has Carly found the ally she needs?

Having slept with her ex, Emma is loving it. Milking the sordid mess for all she’s worth, she tells James he’ll have to tell Chas or live with the guilt. But her meddling doesn’t end there, giving James the shock of his life when he later clocks Emma talking to Chas!

There’s moral support for Chrissie, who’s surprised to find herself on the same page with Lachlan’s dad. But has Donny really come to Emmerdale to help out with his son? And why is Robert so rattled by Donny’s arrival?