Following Emma’s allegations that April is being harmed by Carly, a social worker comes calling and a confession is made.

Carly’s innocent and Marlon is later horrified for her when she admits she had a baby son, Billy, who died of SIDS. In tears, Carly asks Marlon to keep her admission to himself, confessing that not even her dad Bob knows about it. The pair are then blown away when April finally tells them who’s been hurting her… Leo.

There’s surprise for Paddy and Rhona when they learn Leo’s got a new teaching assistant called Chris. Unable to stop herself, Rhona flirts up a storm with Chris, wanting to get payback on Paddy for his affair with Leo’s last assistant, Tess. Can their broken marriage take any more punishment?

Charity’s due back in the village from prison but Chas and Cain return empty-handed because the jailbird was released earlier than expected and no one knows where she is…