Carly turns up for Bob’s court case

In court for fraud, Bob’s future as a free man is dangling in the balance. With tempers riding high, Brenda, who’s in a state, snaps at Harriet when she tries to put a positive spin on proceedings. But as the judge spells out Bob’s crime, it’s not looking good for the ashamed cafe owner.

Carly arrives and is urged to make a statement for her dad’s sake. Much to Brenda and Harriet’s surprise, Carly comes good and explains her involvement in it all. It does the trick. Later, as Bob returns home to celebrate a suspended sentence, Carly’s arrested on suspicion of fraud! Released on bail, she gives her address as Tug Ghyll.

Belle’s amped up about a trip to Birmingham with Kirin. Confiding in Joanie for advice on boys, the teen’s advised to be confident. Boosted, she later leans in to give Kirin a kiss!

David stuns Alicia with plans to buy the shop and to stick around in Emmerdale instead of returning to the new life they’ve started in Portugal.