Carly’s ex arrives! Is Marlon about to get his heartbroken?

Carly gets a shock when her ex, Matt, comes looking for just as Marlon is planning to propose to her.

Marlon adores his girlfriend Carly and is planning to pop the question! But as he’s psyching up the courage to propose, the chef is gutted to clock Carly has a visitor in the village. Turns out her ex, Matt, who was the father of her late son Billy, has come looking for her. The pair have tons to talk about since Matt walked out on Carly when she was pregnant and was not told their son had died.

Will Marlon continue with his plan to make Carly his wife – or is he about to get his heartbroken once again?

Having slipped back in to her addiction to painkillers as she tries to cope with the turmoil she’s in following Pierce’s brutal attack, Rhona is in a mess. Knowing she needs to sort herself out for her son Leo’s sake, she packs a bag and heads off to rehab.

Zak feels terrible when he realises he hasn’t enough money to cover the household bills.