Carly’s ex turns up!

*First episode

Carly reckons she might as well move on which goes down like a lead balloon with Brenda. She’s furious with flighty stepdaughter who seems to have no concern for Bob’s feelings. But Carly’s soon given something else to think about when her ex, Sunil, suddenly pitches up! He reckons Carly owes him cash for the wedding she didn’t turn up for, and Bob is forced to step in when things get heated.

Determined to get Aaron talking, Robert donates a ton of cash into his fundraising pot. But his move simply makes Aaron even more angry with him. When Robert colludes with Ross over a stolen car, will his new strategy get him what he wants from Aaron?

Bernice is all ears as Nicola offloads her upset about Jimmy’s intervention. With her dream to live in Dubai in tatters, her marriage is, too. When Jimmy turns around and says she can take Angel… Will shocked Nicola take him up on it?