Carly’s given one last chance

Homeless and desperate, Carly’s given a second chance by Leyla and Vanessa who allow her to move back into Tug Ghyll. As Carly learns what’s been going on in the village while she scarpered to avoid getting done for fraud, she’s furious to hear Ross was cheating on her with Debbie when they were together. Can Carly stay out of trouble this time?

Harriet finally tells Bob about Ged’s threat, leaving him totally shaken. Later, Harriet and Gabby arrive at Ashley’s to find Sandy spark out. Harriet’s horrified when she realises the gas has been left on! She can’t be sure if it’s Ged’s work – or the OAP’s mistake. One thing’s for sure, they’re in danger – and scared.

After hearing about Belle’s knock back from Kirin, Joanie feels responsible. She chats to Lisa about it and is stunned to hear Lisa was once assaulted. In an attempt to cheer up Belle, the women share their memories of embarrassing incidents they had with boys when they were young. Meanwhile, Kirin and Vanessa are clearly regretting their split.