Carly’s trial begins…

It’s the first day of Carly Samuels’ murder trial and as Sergeant Smithy, Leanne Samuels and Inspector Gina Gold wait outside the court, suspects Tito Morientes and Dwayne Fox arrive in a police van. Leanne and Smithy meet barrister, Julian Ford, and DC Grace Dasari realises that her ex, Sunil Davdra, is the prosecution barrister.

After giving evidence, Smithy learns that a witness has retracted their statement and, in desperation, persuades Alisha Danniels to stand up in court as a witness to the murder of her best friend. As Smithy and Pc Emma Keane escort Alisha and her father, Oscar, to the court they are run off the road by another car.

Elsewhere, Pcs Nate Roberts and Diane Noble find pregnant Debbie Crossley badly beaten. When the officers learn that her boyfriend, Rahim Wood, paid someone to ’cause’ a miscarriage, Rahim is arrested and put in a cell. But things go wrong for Nate when Rahim bangs his head against the wall and lies that Nate attacked him.

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