Still pining for Aleksander who’s holed up at Tony’s, a lovesick Carmel is still refusing to go over and sort things out. But fed up Jacqui has other ideas and heads over to talk to Aleksander. He still thinks Carmel’s cosmetic surgery is a sin, but Jacqui reminds him that his own adultery is also wrong. Later, she takes matters into her own hands and drags Carmel out to see Aleksander in a last attempt to reunite them.

Over at the Ashworths, Suzanne wants Rhys to apologise to Neville, but he’s still furious with his dad for not coughing up £500 for his band’s demo. Suzanne demands they all eat dinner together to sort out their differences, but things go from bad to worse when Rhys and Neville end up coming to blows. Suzanne is forced to deliver an ultimatum – sort yourselves out or I’m leaving.

Louise is unimpressed to hear about Katy’s relationship with Justin and tells Katy a few home truths about Justin – but will she listen?

Elliot tries to cheer Steph up after the disappointment of her inheritance, and the pair have a good time playing pool in the SU bar, with Steph beginning to experience some strong emotions for the class geek.

*Screened on TV3, Thursday June 21*