Carmel and Calvin exchange vows

Mercedes can’t face watching Carmel marry Calvin, and tells Carmel she’s too ill to attend her wedding. As Carmel and Calvin exchange vows Jacqui is determined to make Calvin pay for his wrongs, while Mercedes hits the bottle.

Lauren’s still furious with Calvin for having her boyfriend Gaz arrested, but Calvin’s defiant. He can’t bear the fact that Lauren is having bad boy Gaz’s baby and hopes they lock him up. Lauren can’t believe what she’s hearing – this is all because she’s pregnant with Gaz’s fictional child. With the money-making baby scam spiralling out of control, Lauren needs to tell Calvin the truth.

Kris and Cheryl worry about what Malachy has planned. While lovelorn Cheryl tells Malachy if he wanted to leave, she’d go anywhere with him. Cheryl frets that innocent Carmel will be devastated if Malachy spills the beans. But a cold-hearted Malachy insists he’ll deal with Calvin his way.

Also; India’s hot sister Tex is getting plenty of attention from Dave. Charlotte also has designs on Tex and bets she’ll bed her first. Unbeknownst to both of them, mischievous Tex has overheard. Josh tries to build bridges with estranged India, but she’s clear he’s got no chance. Ste goes missing, presumed murdered. Then Olly cops it too.

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