Mercedes tries to put Carmel off Calvin, unaware that Malachy’s listening in. Malachy puts his plan into action and encourages Calvin to make a go of it with Carmel. After giving Calvin an ultimatum, Mercedes is left devastated when Carmel and Calvin agree to make a go of things.

Elliot panics when he realises he hasn’t finished an assignment that’s due in today. He’s thrown in to a blind panic when he returns to find his laptop’s gone. Elliot’s livid when Archie returns and announces he’s handed his incomplete work in and almost hits him. Elliot’s grateful when Nancy invites him to move into her flat.

Rhys is worried about Hannah now Jamie’s back on the scene and hatches a plan to get Darren to buy drugs from him. But Darren’s left looking like an idiot when Jamie insists he doesn’t deal. Convinced Jamie’s lying, Rhys insists they plant drugs on him but their plan fails miserably.

Frankie assumes Steph’s down after splitting with Fernando, but Steph posts a letter to Gilly. Later, she pays a visit to Cindy’s boutique. Frankie encourages her to get back on stage after seeing an advertisement for a talent contest. But Cindy points out the competition is for under-12s and insists that Tom is entering, against Holly.

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