Carmel and Mercedes come to blows

Jacqui burns the bridesmaids dresses, hoping to get rid of any link to Calvin’s death. Mercedes agrees to help – she can’t go against the family. Jacqui has to trust her as she sends Mercedes off to buy new dresses. To get the cash Mercedes tries to rob The Loft, but is interrupted by Carmel. Meanwhile, Jacqui tries to get rid of the gun when Malachy confronts her.

Gaz and Lauren are sleeping rough and need money. Leo and Sasha worry she’s with Gaz and are certain that he had a hand in Calvin’s death. Sasha calls DI Andrews and they try and explain about Lauren going missing. Their answers put Gaz in the frame.

Gaz thinks Lauren’s better off going home and she’s just about to leave when they are both cornered by DI Andrews. Lauren watches helplessly as Gaz is dragged off.

Also, Cheryl and Kris are convinced Mercedes is the killer. Malachy tries to tell them Mercedes had nothing to do with it, but he’s not sure if he believes her himself. When Cheryl runs into Carmel she struggles with the affair secret and tries to run off. Carmel thinks Cheryl knows something about the killing and it doesn’t take much for Cheryl to blurt out the truth.

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