Carmel Kazemi finds an engagement ring from Max!

Carmel is over the moon when she finds an engagement ring in Max’s belongings as she's sure he is about to propose marriage to her.

Max tries to avoid Carmel after her suggestion that they move in together. But he’s concerned when Carmel is called in to the council for an update on her suspension. When Max hints he’ll move in with her, she is delighted… And even more ecstatic to find an engagement ring! But is it what she’s hoping or is Max up to something else?

Phil wants in on whatever job Aidan has planned. He meets up with Aidan to discuss things but things get heated between them when Vincent makes an appearance. Aidan takes Phil aside and tells him he knows what he’s doing. Will Phil agree to get involved with Aidan’s plan?

Ben is shocked when he gets an expensive sports car delivered to the Arches as a gift. He soon finds out that Luke has sent it to him. Furious, Ben tells Luke that he won’t accept it and tells Luke he’s not welcome in the Square.