Carmel fears for Calvin’s safety

Carmel has found out about Sasha’s date with Warren and she warns Calvin, who assures her he’s got everything in hand. Calvin reveals that he’s going to try to secretly record Warren confessing to murder. Carmel worries for Calvin’s safety and begs Mark to intervene. Meanwhile, Calvin takes Warren for a drink and is delighted when Warren talks about Sean, but he’s stunned when Warren confesses that he also murdered Louise…

Jacqui is furious when she finds out that a skiving Theresa is being ‘bullied’ by Nancy and Russ and she marches her over to the school. Nancy has discovered that she’s passed her assessment but her delight turns to horror when Jacqui storms in and confronts her. Nancy tells Russ they should keep away from each other as the gossip is that they’re a couple but they end up sharing a passionate kiss.

Ste and Justin walk past Ash’s van and Ste lets down one of the tyres. Meanwhile, Hannah feels bad about her treatment of Justin and heads to the SU bar to offer to help out. Ash steams in and accuses Hannah of sabotaging his van but he’s frustrated when Josh, Justin, Ste and Hannah all claim to have pulled the prank.

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